Why Goat Milk Soap

Benefits of using Little White Goat Soap

  • Rich, natural and creamy lather leaves your skin soft and gently fragrant.
  • May relieve your dry skin – many of our customers say that their skin does not feel as dry – skin that once itched during the winter is no longer itchy.
  • Added skin loving nutrients nourish and feed your skin.
  • Your bathroom will smell amazing.
  • Handmade soap is much nicer for your skin than commercial soap


How long does the soap last

Honestly it all depends on how you use it.

Some of our customers say our soap lasts way too long as they want it to finish so they can start another one!!!   Honestly it all depends on how you use it.

Hand made soap is generally softer than commercial soap due to the process and ingredients so it will get used quicker.


Does this soap have caustic soda in it?

Technically, no; however caustic soda IS used in the manufacture of ALL soap.  

Soap is made by combining  vegetable or animal fats (fatty acid) with a strong alkali (base), this produces a chemical reaction called saponification.  This is known as cold process soap making and is the traditional method for making soap.


Do the soaps have Palm oil?

Quite simply NO. 

I use coconut oil, olive oil,rice bran oil, cocoa butter, shea butter and pure vegetable oil to make my beautiful Little White Goat Soap


Things to remember

  • Make sure soap has good drainage and can dry between use
  • Keep unused soap in a cool dark place.  The soap will become harder as it ages